I think this is Tommeke’s most flattering side. 

If you don’t know who Dave Hill is, you should. If you haven’t heard Valley Lodge you should check them out, as well as Witch Taint. Dave also has a 3 hour, gravity defying, pants splitting radio show on WFMU called The Goddamn Dave Hill Show. 

And FYI to all you cyclist, this is how we look to the public when we ride bikes. 

color matching is what helps distinguish the PROS from the Joes

I couldn’t afford new shoes so I gave my mavics a make over. My shoe game just got a whole lot tighter. Adam Blythe would be proud.

always keep your shoes as white as the driven snow. 

"It’s not the cake that’s bad for you, it’s the climbs"  - EM

Looking PRO in the winter is just as important as looking PRO in the summer.