Lone Wolf No Club
  • Words from the Rapha Continental video “Assynt”. Not all of this is 100%, and if you have a better version, or the real version, please feel free to let me know what is incorrect. Taken from listening to the track.


    Low squall nine seven six, expected Irish Sea, nine seven seven, A length of Chaos Wild-

    Over swamp or steep they went. Through straight, rough, dense and rare- With head, hands, wings, feet they pursued their way. Swim or sink, wade or creep-

    Stunning sounds, voices, fears- They Toiled undaunted, nethermost tears- Thundering noise resides, deep darkness lies- 

    The Legend goes among Inchnadamph, Macleod with bevel mining masonry for  Ardvreck Castle- For this the hand of daughter Eimhir-

    Down the devil went, pulling the rocky crags from beneath the red headed hand of Eimhir making his search go deeper- Up Eimhir went with despair from the summit of the castle to the depths of Assynt-

    Away, Cloottie, away-

    Exhausted from labor, and raged by loss, Cloottie called on chaos- Bestow your bellows atop Inchnadamph- Many moons many storms flickered across the water. The mermaid of Assynt kept hidden by her loch- Betrayed by her father, forced to the deep-

    When the loch runs high, the whispers continue- O’ for poor Eimhir weeps, the stillness of life on the land-

    Dog pavilion chaos, wintery wasteful deep, Tyree automatic- Northeast seven showers nine miles, nine nine five, Rising slowly-

    Spilling forth, over, rolling, descending, downwards- The fiery cavern calls- Lerwich, double two, double 0, 0, 0, eleven miles north, falling slowly-

    Thunder Claps, fire cracks; sulfurous roar- Audnar merchant to Cape Wrath besieged. Bold waves tremble, rain squally showers- Dark and crude, moderate or good- Turning wintery far north, clearing later-

    Hell Empty…All devils here.